Contemporary Wall Murals

  • Climbing Wisteria Mural
    Climbing Wisteria Mural
  • Moroccan Mural
  • Butterflies Mural
    Butterflies Mural
  • Oriental Mural
    Oriental Mural
  • Tree Mural
    Tree Mural
  • Sports Mural
    Sports Mural
  • Pop Art Mural
    Pop Art Mural
  • Sports Mural For School Sports Hall
    Sports Mural For School Sports Hall
    This sports mural was painted for a large school sports hall. The silhouettes were selected to depict sports played at this specialist sports school, using accents of red and white to complement the school’s logo. Some of the figures, such as the basketball and netball players, have been painted to incorporate the baskets which are ...

Take a look at Helen Brady’s hand painted contemporary wall murals. Helen can design and paint contemporary murals for homes and commercial spaces. From bedroom wall murals for children, teenagers or adults, to restaurant or nightclub murals, or a mural for your spa, leisure centre or activity centre, Helen will create a unique hand painted design to add colour and style to your home or business.

Whether you are looking for a large-scale piece of modern art, a decorative bedroom wall mural, an abstract splash of colour, a Pop Art inspired mural, a graphic design to complement a company brand or a large-scale reproduction of a company logo, Helen offers a uniquely hand painted decorative solution for any space.