School Murals

  • Children’s Library Hand Painted Panels
    Children’s Library Hand Painted Panels
  • School Values Mural
    School Values Mural
  • School Library Mural
    School Library Mural
    School Library Mural This school library mural was hand painted for a primary school in Bradford. The staff and children of the school made a list of their favourite books and characters. Helen Brady used this list to create this fun and colourful mural, built around a series of giant, trompe l’oeil books. The books create a ...
  • School Playground Mural
    School Playground Mural
  • School Mural Showing School Values
    School Mural Showing School Values
    This school mural was painted for a Primary School in Buckinghamshire. The commission was to create a visual representation of the school’s 8 values. Each letter represents and individual value, and collectively they spell out the school’s  name. This was a particularly special school mural, as the children played a very important part in the ...
  • Sports Mural For School Sports Hall
    Sports Mural For School Sports Hall
    This sports mural was painted for a large school sports hall. The silhouettes were selected to depict sports played at this specialist sports school, using accents of red and white to complement the school’s logo. Some of the figures, such as the basketball and netball players, have been painted to incorporate the baskets which are ...

Please click on the button below to view more of Helen’s hand painted School Murals. Helen has painted interior and exterior wall murals for schools across the country. Hand painted murals are a unique way to decorate an interior or exterior space within your school. Helen’s mural designs will inspire your children, staff and parents alike!

Helen can create a hand painted mural or feature wall in a classroom, library, school hall, cafeteria or within your sporting facilities. Brighten up a forgotten space such as a stairwell, hallway, bathrooms, cloakrooms or changing rooms with a unique mural design. Use an exterior mural to transform a playground or a dull, forgotten corner of your school grounds.

Murals create a stimulating environment for your children. Helen can design a bespoke mural to represent your school’s unique set of values. A mural is a wonderful way to represent these school values in a visual manner, helping your children to understand the values that your school upholds.

Helen understands the importance of delivering her projects on time and on budget. She has extensive experience working on school murals both, by herself and also working with groups of children. Helen is happy to collaborate with your school staff and pupils to create a special piece of art of which your school can be proud.