• Children’s Wall Murals
    Children’s Wall Murals
    Children’s Wall Murals Please explore this gallery to see examples of children’s wall murals hand painted by Helen Brady. Every child’s nursery, bedroom or playroom is a unique place. What better way to make it somewhere really special than by commissioning a bespoke mural. Helen Brady trained as a Fine Artist at the University of ...
  • Commercial Murals
    Commercial Murals
    Please take a look some of the commercial wall murals hand painted by Helen Brady. Helen can design and paint wall murals for nurseries, schools, hospitals, play centres, bars, restaurants, leisure facilities and more. Hand painted wall murals are a unique way to make your business stand out from the rest. If you are looking ...
  • Contemporary Wall Murals
    Contemporary Wall Murals
    Take a look at Helen Brady’s hand painted contemporary wall murals. Helen can design and paint contemporary murals for homes and commercial spaces. From bedroom wall murals for children, teenagers or adults, to restaurant or nightclub murals, or a mural for your spa, leisure centre or activity centre, Helen will create a unique hand painted ...
  • Other Artwork
    Other Artwork
    Please take a look at examples of bespoke artwork hand painted by Helen Brady. As a trained Fine Artist, Helen creates her own contemporary landscape paintings in oils on canvas. Helen’s landscape paintings are inspired by her travels at home and abroad, and explore the colour, texture and vibrancy of landscape, seeking to capture a ...
  • School Murals
    School Murals
    Please click on the button below to view more of Helen’s hand painted School Murals. Helen has painted interior and exterior wall murals for schools across the country. Hand painted murals are a unique way to decorate an interior or exterior space within your school. Helen’s mural designs will inspire your children, staff and parents ...

Please click on the galleries to see examples of bespoke wall murals hand painted by Helen Brady. Helen creates bespoke wall murals for private homes, hand painted murals for children’s bedrooms, baby nurseries and playrooms, as well as decorative art for other areas of the home, such as bathroom murals. She also designs and paints bespoke wall murals for commercial spaces, leisure facilities, restaurants and bars, as well as school murals and hospital murals. Helen has also carried out mural paintings for public art projects.